TALPAC is an independent haulage and loading simulator. TALPAC simulates a truck and loader fleet, travelling over a haul route to help you evaluate the efficiency, productivity and economics of your truck and loader haulage systems.

With TALPAC you can estimate truck travel times, production rates and direct haulage costs.

TALPAC’s major advantage is its independence. By incorporating all data from all manufacturers, TALPAC provides unbiased results for making equipment selections.

The results can then be used in short and long term scheduling models and financial models.

Are your haulage systems becoming more and more complex? Learn about HAULSIM, part of the TALPAC family of productivity simulators. HAULSIM allows you to accurately model mine haulage systems and see how change to your haulage system can impact production.

USD $11,220.00

Maintenance gives you the assurance that your investment in our software is protected and future proofed.

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Total price: USD $13,464.00



  • Unbiased fleet decision making
  • Accurate results modelled to your specific operations
  • Realistic simulated results for your fleet
  • Quick simulations with result accuracy
  • Under/over trucking situations are minimised
  • Minimise the total haulage requirements/costs over the life of mine
  • Flexible configuration means accuracy in modelling your specific operations
  • Field tested and high level of correlation
  • Repeatable process for evaluating multiple options
  • Detailed reporting options to evaluate scenario
  • Quick analysis of multiple options through project manager
  • Simple interface with minimal training requirements


Minimum System Requirements

Windows XP Service Pack 2 or 3, or Windows Vista.
500 MHz Pentium or AMD Processor
Minimum 512MB of RAM and 1 GB of hard disk space.

Current Version:



For the best results, screen display set to at least 1024x768 and High Colour (16bit) or better.